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Infertility related stress is acute and often chronically prolonged over numerous years, in some cases over one’s lifetime.

One of the most debilitating feelings associated with infertility is loss. If you are dealing with infertility, losses associated with infertility do not always relate to death. Many times, there are various losses occurring simultaneously.  Often these losses are multifaceted and constant, they do not allow individuals and/or couples the time and/or space needed to process and heal.

Due to the stigma that continues to be associated with the inability to achieve a milestone expected by family, friends and society; the majority of people struggling to build their family avoid discussing their condition and feelings. You may end up feeling minimized, alone, isolated and confused. 

Working with a therapist who has training and first-hand life experience in grief, loss & healing is important to create trust and provide an emotionally safe space to explore your feelings, process your experiences, the pain of your losses, and walk through your healing and grieving process; while also learning to develop coping strategies. 

You don’t need to explain your feelings or reasons for how you feel. You will be heard, validated, affirmed, and accepted. I am here to help anyone suffering from the grief of infertility and other reproductive traumas. 

Be kind to yourself. You are not at fault and you are not alone.