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Postpartum Wellness Check-In

Postpartum wellness involves several pillars of life. We are biopsychosocial spiritual beings and for that reason, we cannot neglect the importance of wellness check-ins. Many practice this by incorporating it into their planners, phone reminders or maybe until we visit our medical or mental health provider.

When we welcome a child into this world, we tend to focus on the child, the home (or what we can) and the things we need to begin this parenthood journey. Often, neglecting our wellbeing. For this reason, here is an opportunity to engage in a wellness check-in. As a parent, your needs are also important and necessary to evaluate. Take some time to evaluate and practice checking in with yourself as frequently as you deem necessary. This tool can also be helpful to share with your medical and/or mental health provider; including your doula and/or midwife.

You can use this Postpartum Wellness Check-In as a tool to communicate with your loved ones, to increase your awareness and seek the help that you need. As always, remember, you are not alone through your parenthood journey. It's okay, if you are not okay and need help.

Esmeralda Cardenas, MA, LPC, PMH-C

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Postpartum Wellness Check In
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