​These valuations can provide valuable evidence for individuals applying for immigrant visa status from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).  Your attorney and I work together to provide the necessary immigration evaluation to suit the needs of your case. My report focuses on documenting evidence of psychological complications you may have suffered for your VAWA, U-Visa or hardship case.  

Common types of cases for which immigration evaluation are needed:

  • Extreme Hardship Waiver - In these cases, the psychosocial evaluation report must examine the potential impact of a foreign national's deportation on a United States Citizen or Greencard Holder's parent, spouse, or immediate relative.  Physicians in J-1 visa status and subject to a 2-year foreign residency requirement may qualify for a waiver of the foreign residency requirement if they can demonstrate hardship to family members or a fear of persecution.

  • Spousal Abuse (VAWA)- Individuals filing for US immigration benefits based on a marriage to a United States Citizen can continue on their path to gain full immigration benefits (i.e., Greencard) without the support of their US Citizen spouse.  Psychosocial evaluation reports addressing the impact of domestic abuse can be vital to securing long term immigration benefits.  It is important to note that abuse is not limited to physical evidence -- verbal and/or psychological abuse also qualify for the granting of a waiver. 

  • U-Visa​ -These visas are set aside for victims of crimes (and their immediate family members) who have suffered substantial mental or physical abuse while in the U.S. and who are willing to assist law enforcement and government officials in the investigation or prosecution of the criminal activity. It permits such victims to enter or remain in the US when they might not otherwise be able to do so.



You can typically schedule  your evaluation within a week and you will have your completed immigration evaluation within one week of your final visit.
Your immigration evaluation fees cover the following:

  • 2 visits with a experienced licensed clinician

  • 4 hours total of assessment time

  • A prepared eight to eleven page report and recommendations 

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