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Currently Accepting Clients

  • Due to the recent concerns regarding COVID-19 and in an effort to decrease exposure to all, Pillars of Life Counseling will be conducting therapy sessions via tele-health until further notice. ​

  • Telehealth therapy will be conducted through a secure, HIPAA compliant  platform. You will be receiving an email with the link for your appointment. The email will prompt you to download the Simple Practice Telehealth app, where your appointment will take place. If you will be joining your appointment via a computer/laptop, you will be able to open the link without downloading the application.

  • Please contact your healthcare insurance to verify your telehealth benefits specific to mental health. 

  • Please note that consent forms for telehealth services will be sent to your email, which you can access through your client portal. It will prompt you to electronically sign the forms.

  • Should your health insurance company not cover telehealth counseling, your appointment fee will be determined by the contract rate. Please contact me to inquire about the specific amount that pertains to your plan.

  • Should the situation escalate and the government or other health organizations extend these protective measures, Pillars of Life Counseling, will continue to hold telehealth therapy sessions only until deemed safe by authorities.

As a healthcare provider, it is of upmost importance to me, to keep all of us safe by lowering any potential exposure; especially, for those who are higher risk. I also find it to be my duty to serve my community in this way.​