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Parenthood transitions are hard and rarely enjoyable to many. Whether you are expecting, in the postpartum stage or already have toddlers - these transitions can lead to questioning your ability as a parent or belief you are "not good enough."

Parenthood may have you grieving the life you had prior to your children. Feeling guilty for this grief or sense of loss has you wondering, "am I being selfish?" You just want to be a "good parent," but parenthood has not been as blissful or joyful as many make it seem. There are so many choices and information to consider - where is the parenting handbook?

To be a stay-at-home parent or a working parent? The guilt within each choice is real and keeping you up at night. Maybe it is a constant worry in your life and you can't focus or stop comparing yourself.

Changes in your experience may have started early; Maybe your birth plan changed, you had difficulty bonding with baby, you feel sad, you are crying a lot. Maybe you are just feeling angry or you want to be left alone. Becoming a parent can lead to high emotional stress.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor in the greater Helotes and San Antonio area, I’d love to help you on your parenthood journey. My goal is to support you and provide a safe space where you can discuss parenthood openly and heal from wounds that pregnancy, birth, postpartum or other parenthood transitions has opened.

I am Here to Support You in a  Safe and Judgment Free Space



Whether you are a new mom or not, seeking therapy can come with a mix of emotions. You may be feeling shame, fear or just unsure about how to seek support. I am here to offer my support in your specific needs, fears, worries, negative thoughts, sadness and/or anxieties. Therapy is a process of growth and discovery. In working together we can promote behavioral transformation by encouraging a healthy use and adoption of new attitudes, coping skills, beliefs and reactions. This process is not immediate - it takes time, effort, validation and support. Motherhood does not have to be painful or lonely, let's walk it together.

"be gentle on yourself mama, you have been reborn too."

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